I was born Rebecca Taylor, but I usually go by Becca to friends and family, in a hospital in North Germany into a town called Rinteln, close to the city of Hamburg; both myself and my twin brother were army brats, which meant we moved around quite a bit, and ended up spending a lot of our childhood in Cyprus. It was only at age seven - eight that we eventually arrived in Scotland. I've always expressed an interest in art even as a child, proudly proclaiming that one day I'd grow up to be a famous artist, and even if my childhood dreams were met with some dismal I always strived to become the artist I dreamed of being, famous or not. Currently I'm studying HND Graphic Design at Cardonald College, but will be moving on to study an Honours in Games Design and Animation next year. I also currently work as a freelance illustrator, were I usually accept fantasy based commissions (Think D&D style) from online clients. My hobbies are already kind of obvious, but I enjoy spending my time creating art, playing video games, exploring nature and taking care of my animals. I have several animals that are rescued pets; A Dalmatian, two domestic short hair cats and one Maine Coon, two birds (Indian Ring Neck and a Cockatiel) as well as a bearded dragon. 

About Me

The project we were given for the HND Digital Media class was to design two posters around two words; Dusk and Dawn. We could use any interpretation of the words whether they were figurative, literal or even abstract. I already knew immediately that I was going to want to frame my poster ideas around the subject of mythology; something that has been a long and deep passion of mine since I was young. I explored all sorts of mythology, from my favourites (Egyptian and Aztec) to ones I actually knew very little about (African, Pict), learning more about these ancient religions in the process, which made it quite fun and exciting to me. The very first ancient mythology depiction that I conjured was the great winged serpent, Quetzalcoatl, devouring the sun within his jaws. From Quetzalcoatl I moved on to the Egyptian mythos, where I began to doodle different possibilities with the sun God, Ra, and his Consort, Bastet. From there I moved onto religions that I wasn’t too familiar with, studying the African Goddess of creation, Mawu, who is typically represented with a sun or a moon. Next I tried some ideas on the Baltic Sun Goddess, Saule. After that I decided to explore a different idea; the beginning of a journey. In great adventure novels, there is a classic depiction of the protagonist walking toward a rising sun to signify the beginning of their journey, which was something I wanted to play around with. After that idea, I tried delving into the idea of Rebirth, as Dawn is seen as the ‘birth’ of the next day, and Spring – which is naturally associated with sunshine – is seen as the rebirth of life. However, in the end I stuck with my deep love of Egyptian mythology and chose the idea of Ra and Bastet representing Dawn and Dusk; I decided to have a half shot of each of their faces, both opposite sides so that they could join together, with the beams of sun coming through their eyes. At first I was going to complete this in my personal illustration style, but since I had already done some previous projects with that style I decided to be adventurous and try something new; low poly vector art. It’s a style that I like visually, so it was enjoyable to learn how the process works, and how to make my own vector art posters, a skill I’m sure will come in valuable at a later date. As the poster was absent of any typography, I decided to add the names of the Gods through the beams of sun light to make it appear less empty, which were the last editions to the poster before completion.

Artist Statement

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